Depending on a number of factors including size and placement, a tattoo can take up to three weeks to fully heal. Aftercare for your tattoo during this period is very important.

We recommend that our clients follow these guidelines for the best possible tattoo aftercare.


  1. Clean your hands with a mild, unscented soap before touching your tattoo.
  2. Leave the bandage on your tattoo for at least 6 hours (or overnight) after your session.
  3. Use only your fingertips, mild unscented liquid soap and hot water to clean your tattoo, until any excess ointment, ink or dried blood is gone.
  4. Allow the tattoo to "air dry" or gently pat it dry with a clean towel. Never wipe.
  5. Moisturize the tattoo with a mild, unscented lotion (we suggest Eucerin or Cetaphil).
  6. Blot off any excess lotion with a clean dry paper towel (again, remember to pat it; never wipe).
  7. Continue applying small amounts of lotion throughout the day, everyday until the tattoo is healed.


  1. Go to friends for tattoo aftercare tips.
  2. Rebandage your tattoo.
  3. Allow clothing or socks to rub against your tattoo.
  4. Scratch or pick at your tattoo if it itches.
  5. Expose your tattoo to the sun or tanning booths for at least three weeks.
  6. Soak in hot tubs, baths, swimming pools or even saunas for at least three weeks.