One of the options that many patients research before or after a mastectomy is the possibility of nipple tattoos. Shane Wallin and Garnet Tattoo hope to provide clients with the right information and the professional setting to learn more about 3D nipple tattoos. Our website as a whole provides sections on general tattooing, tattoo aftercare, and mastectomy tattoos — but you can always reach out to us directly if you have more in-depth questions. 

Before initiating the process of nipple tattoos, we want to know if you have any questions.  You'll be able to see our clean professional environment, check out photographs of past work, read testimonials from other clients, and see if a nipple tattoo after mastectomy is right for you.

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Already decided a 3D nipple tattoo after your mastectomy is the right option? Then after our consultation, the tattoo begins. We try to find the most comfortable position for you to sit in for the duration of the procedure. Some of our clients still prefer to have something draped over their shoulders or cover up partially, so feel free to bring in a shirt that buttons up front. 

Once you're confident with the design, we develop the color of that fits you best. 

How bad does it hurt? That depends. Some clients have said that their 3D nipple tattoos were their least painful — others are just off-put by the noise from the machine. Once the tattooing itself is complete, we will apply a light layer of topical ointment and place bandages, before consulting on proper tattoo aftercare.

Often times, the 3D areola tattooing performed by surgeons can be either too indistinct or extremely unrealistic in appearance. Garnet Tattoo uses Shane's extensive tattoo experience to provide a unique, realistic set of nipples that evokes a 3D, protruding appearance.

At Garnet Tattoo, helping the brave breast cancer warriors regain their physical appearance bring us personal satisfaction.